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Matrix Rain in Clojurescript

Already done many times before, in many other languages, but I just had to scratch my geek itch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The source code can be found here.


Instead of explaining the source code in detail, I thought it would be better to explain the concepts behind my design. In essence, I've created a grid of randomly changing symbols, where the drops of rain are 'overlayed' on that grid by manipulating the colors of the symbols.

A grid of symbols
raindrop coloring

Matrix Grid

First, I've filled the cells of the grid with randomly picked symbols. After making sure the symbols on the grid change in a rate that looks about right, the grid is already done. On to the raindrops.


Now the grid is in place, the raindrops need to get the right color: white for the head, the two symbols behind that a little bit gray(er) and then a green, descending gradient, followed by completely invisible grid symbols. After adding some randomization in raindrop length and raindrop speed, the raindrops are done as well.

Glueing it together

The Quil library will take care of the rendering on canvas. It only needs to know what function to call to 'update' the matrix state and what function to call to 'draw' the current matrix state. The comment blocks in my code mark the different responsibilities of the code sections: definitions of some constants and update rates; grid creation and randomly changing symbols in the grid; generating raindrop colors, length and speed; merging it all together in a 'matrix state'; and finally configuring Quil to call the right functions.


There are probably shorter, faster and smarter implementations out there. This was my first attempt at visualising matrix rain. I think the design is quite easy to understand and implement and the result looks pretty similar to the matrix rain as seen in the Matrix movies. According to cloc it took me 102 lines of ClojureScript to get this matrix rain running on my screen. I hope it inspires you to create something similar in your own language of choice. Be sure to drop me a link on twitter once it's up and running on your website.

Happy coding!